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It is believed that the concept of moving qi in the body originated in Tibet or China over 6,000 years ago.  Qigong (chee gong) predates and underlies yoga, the martial arts, and many types of healing.  Ancient Chinese qigong and Tibetan tsalung are forms to move energy within the body for healing, health, and longevity. Practicing qigong movements, meditations, and visualization techniques will enable you to guide and regulate the flow of qi to develop a healthy body, attain mental stability, and promote spiritual growth.  Some benefits of qigong are:


  Control blood pressure
  Detoxify your body
  Balance energy

  Decrease stress
  Boost your immune system
  Access your own spirituality

  Improve balance
  Feel more centered
  Increase flexibility
  Sleep Better


Wheel of Dharma

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Soaring Crane, Five Routines - from Master Zhao, Jin Xiang  
Tibetan Five-Element Standing Stake - from Master Wang Zi Sheng Rinpoche    
Crane Walking - from Master Zhao, Jin Xiang  
Remedy Routines of Soaring Crane - from Master Zhao, Jin Xiang    
Essence Qigong - from Master Chen Fu Yin    
Wuji Gong Qigong - from Master Zhu Hui    
Turtle Longevity Qigong - from Master Wang Zhe Zhong  
Soaring Crane Qigong, Level II       NEW Classes:
            Soaring Crane
 Level I 
 Level II
Certified by the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine as a Qigong Instructor, I teach qigong classes and do energy work with animals in Portland, Oregon.  My formal study of energy medicine began while removing cataracts from my right eye using the power of the mind for healing.  Master Wang Zi-Sheng Rinpoche accepted me as a healing apprentice in 1996.  Intent on developing skills as a qigong practitioner, I travel to China and Tibet to study qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  In the summer of 2001, I was honored to be invited to teach qigong as an ongoing part of qigong study trips to China and Tibet.  For three years I studied with and was a teaching assistant of Professor Chen Hui-Xian, the former head of OCOM's Qigong Program.  My passion is teaching people the skills they need to gather universal energy for health and healing by using qigong movements, visualizations, and meditation techniques.  Teaching qigong at community colleges, senior centers, Nature's NW Wellness centers, and to private groups lets me realize that passion. Tibet 2000
JoAnn's energy field at Drepung Monastery, Tibet 2000

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